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Varsity Softball Schedule & Roster

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Bold = Home Event
Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent Conf. Away Home Result Details
10.14.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
10.18.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
10.19.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
10.21.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
10.25.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
10.26.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
10.28.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.01.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.02.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.04.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.08.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.09.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.11.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.15.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.16.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.18.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.22.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.23.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.25.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.29.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
11.30.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.02.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.06.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.07.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.09.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.13.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.14.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.16.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.20.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.21.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.23.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.27.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.28.20176:00pmOpen GymN MAP
12.30.20174:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.03.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.04.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.06.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.10.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.11.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.13.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.17.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.18.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.20.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.24.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.25.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.27.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
01.31.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.01.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.03.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.07.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.08.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.10.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.14.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.15.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.17.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.21.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.22.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.24.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
02.28.20186:00pmOpen GymN MAP
03.03.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
03.10.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
03.17.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
03.24.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
03.27.20185:00pmvs Newton Falls HSN MAP
03.29.20185:00pmNewton Falls High SchoolN MAP
03.30.20181:00pmColumbiana High SchoolN MAP
03.31.20184:00pmOpen GymN MAP
04.02.20185:00pmChampion High SchoolN MAP
04.03.20185:00pmvs Champion HSN MAP
04.04.20185:00pmWarren John F. Kennedy HSN
04.06.20185:00pmStruthers High SchoolN MAP
04.07.201812:00pmvs Crestview HSN MAP
04.07.20182:00pmvs Crestview HSN MAP
04.09.20185:00pmYoungstown City SchoolsN
04.10.20185:00pmvs Youngstown City SchoolsN MAP
04.12.20185:00pmvs Canfield HSN MAP
04.13.20185:00pmLiberty High SchoolN MAP
04.14.20182:00pmvs LakesideN MAP
04.16.20185:00pmCampbell HSN MAP
04.17.20185:00pmvs Campbell HSN MAP
04.20.20185:00pmvs Liberty HSN MAP
04.21.201812:00pmSoutheast High SchoolN MAP
04.21.20182:00pmSoutheast High SchoolN MAP
04.23.20185:00pmvs LabraeN MAP
04.24.20185:00pmLabrae High School (LaBrae High School)N MAP
04.26.20185:00pmvs Hubbard HSN MAP
04.28.20183:00pmvs Niles Mckinley HSN MAP
04.30.20185:00pmBrookfield High SchoolN MAP
05.01.20185:00pmvs Brookfield HSN MAP
05.02.20185:00pmLakeview High SchoolN MAP
05.03.20185:00pmvs Springfield HSN MAP
05.05.201811:00amPoland Seminary High SchoolN MAP

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