Indians News · Post Season Honors

As our Winter Sports get underway.  We just want to acknowledge our Fall Sport participants for all the hard work that they put in this season.  They have all achieved so much.  Thank you for a wonderful fall season.

Player of the year

Mark Waid Girard 12


First team all league offensive

Haedan Gump Girard 11

Nick Malito Girard 11

Mark Waid Girard 12

Morgan Clardy Girard 11


First team all league defensive

Jack DelGarbino Girard 12

Daryl Smith Girard 12

Marco Donatelli Girard 12

Jamil Bannister Girard 12

Terrance Davis Girard 12

Bailey McDermott Girard 12


Second team all league offensive

Anthony Pratt Girard 12

Diego Santiago Girard 12

Aidan Warga Girard 12

Jimmy Jones Girard 11


First team all league Cross country

Louis Larney


Second team all league cross country

Ricky Marsico

Ellie Maurice

Maddie Steers


First team all league volleyball

Natalie Pallone


Second team all league volleyball

Lexi cochran


All district volleyball

Natalie Pallone

Lexi Cochran

Raegan Cochran


First team all league boys soccer

Austin O’Hara


Second team all league boys soccer

Brennan Kuzman

Bailey McDermott


All district boys soccer

Austin O’Hara

Bailey McDermott

Brennan Kuzman

Adam Connelly


First team all league girls soccer

Hanna Jones


Second team all league girls soccer

Kamlyn Valdez


All district girls soccer

Hanna Jones

Kamlyn Valdez

Olivia Repasky

Kaitlyn Culver


All Neo

Terrance Davis

Aidan Warga

Jamil Bannister

Daryl Smith


All State/ NEO

Mark Waid

Jack DelGarbino

Nick Malito

Haeden Gump

Austin O’Hara