Indians News · GAA 4th Annual Designer Purse Raffle

The GAA will be hosting their 4th annual Designer Purse Raffle on Saturday, August 1st.  All proceeds will benefit the Girard High School Athletics.  This year the event will be virtual through Facebook Live beginning at 7pm.  Tickets can be purchased by visiting the GAA designer purse site on Facebook or through the link posted on the Girard School website.  Here is some important information about the event:
  • Tickets are $10 each for each raffle and their will be 3 separate raffles
  • There is the Designer Purse raffle, Chinese Auction raffle and the Red Hot Louis Vuitton raffle
  • You choose where you want your $10 to go
  • If your number is selected it goes back in the pot so everyone has a chance to win more than once
All winners will have the opportunity to pick up their prizes on Sunday August 2nd from 12-2 in a drive thru manner at the High School.  Winners must present their ID to pick up the prize.  Please consider supporting the Girard Athletics!

Purse Raffle Entry Form